Care & Cleaning Instructions

Hand-woven rugs are reputed to be exceptionally hardwearing & durable, but rugs in general are not indestructible and proper care & maintenance can not only enhance the beauty of a rug, but can also extend its life.


Shampooing is also important as it will not only remove the more entrenched grit & dirt, but will also help restore moisture back into the fabric. If a rug is too dry, the fibers of the material may become brittle and more prone to damage. On the other hand, if a rug remains damp for an extended period, the colours may run & mildew may form which can permanently damage the foundation or pile.


Most dealers & many rug washing companies offer professional cleaning services. They will ensure the rug is washed properly and dried quickly. Dry cleaning & steam cleaning are not recommended as they purely clean the surface and the buffer rotates the pile of the rug in various directions, making the rug look blurry and lifeless.



Stains should be promptly removed through careful dabbing & blotting of all liquid. The area should then be sponge-washed with mild soap or specific cleaning solutions & luke warm water & left to dry. This process is suitable for tea, coffee, milk, soft drink & wine. If the stain proves difficult to remove, consult a specialist cleaner.



Hand-woven rugs, particularly expensive ones, should never be placed directly on uncarpeted floor. The purpose of an underlay is to protect the rug from being squeezed between two hard surfaces. Contact The Red Carpet for more information about the different types of underlay we sell.